Sunday, December 13, 2009

all sparkly 'n nice

I absolutely love Christmas. Family & friends coming together, great food & conversation, and of course, beautiful sparkly clothes & accessories. Then again, who says you have to wait for Christmas to come around to look all sparkly 'n nice :)

Beaded Tunic, Forever 21 - $29.99 (My best friend got mad at me because she spotted this tunic first but unfortunately it didn't fit her... she's a tiny gal)

Chain Necklace, Forever 21 - $8.80 (I feel like Mr. T whenever I wear this necklace)

Purse, Zara - $69 (This perfectly hand crafted, eclectic purse melted my heart when I first laid eyes on it. The flap is made of beautiful sequins and metal grommets, while the rest is made of sultry suede)

Thigh high boots, Make Me Chic - $27 (My jaw literally dropped when I spotted this online... could it be possible my boots cost me less than my dinner??? gotta luv it!)

Flower ring, Claire's - $15 (This ring is way too big on me because I've got the scrawniest alien-like fingers, but I just had to sport it that night :P)

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