Sunday, December 27, 2009


Once again, I'm on cloud 9 because of this fabulous find on ebay. My first ever ebay purchase! I won the bid for ONLY $30.99. It's a faux fur leopard jacket with a hoody!... how ever so cute! Excuse the asian girl in the picture... it's not me.

So last night I hooked up with some fabulous ladies for good eats and dancing. It was teeth chattering cold so I donned this gorgeous REAL fur coat my boyfriend's aunt gave me last year as a gift. My best friend wasn't too impressed with me when she saw my coat. She thinks I'm insensitive for wearing REAL fur. However to my defense, it would have been extremely rude had I not accepted the gift. I believe she purchased the coat back in the 70's and now it no longer fits her so she gave it to me in hopes I'll put it to better use :) I'll be posting up pics of this vintage coat shortly... sorry PETA.

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