Sunday, January 3, 2010

Barney jacket

After many years of hibernation, I decided to wear my Barney jacket out. I call it the "Barney" jacket because I seriously do feel like Barney the dinosaur whenever I wear it. Today was a typical Sunday afternoon making our way to church. The air was crisp, thank goodness for no rain. I hope the rain goes on holiday for a few weeks!

Lately I've been finding myself very crafty. I made the headpiece I've been donning the last couple of weeks because of the lack of motivation for combing out my hair. Headbands are always the perfect antidote for bad or lazy hair days.

Purple Jacket, Sirens - $50
Pin Strip Shirt, Forever 21 - $12.50
Suede Pumps, Payless Shoes - Under $50
Crocodile Leather Bag, Elliott Lucca - Under $200

1 comment:

  1. cute :) thats the head band i want! =b