Wednesday, January 6, 2010

arm candy

1. Large Leather Clasp Purse, Topshop, $20USD
This purse reminds me of something my grandma would have had kickin' around... I miss my granny.

2. Leather Stud and Zip Clutch, ASOS, $76.49USD
Zippers + Studs + Leather = <3

3. SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Clutch, Endless, $55USD
This is an interesting eclectic looking clutch. I can't exactly pinpoint as to why I like it... I just do...

4. Heather Hawkins Tassel Clutch Bag, ASOS, $78.19USD
This clutch makes me want to go dancing :)

5. Crystal Seychelle Clutch, Shoprumor, $93USD
This clutch is really fun but not sure when I would ever wear it... reminds me of Barbie.

6. KC Malhan 74 Hilo Clutch, Endless, $68USD
I'm really appreciating the fine detailing of the beads.

7. Oversized Clutch Bag, Diesel, $84.99USD
This clutch adds a fresh look to any outfit.

8. Coloured Sued Studded Clutch, ASOS, $33.99USD
The little gold studs adds the perfect touch of personality to the clutch.

9. Panier Clutch, J.Crew, $88USD
Adds a nice pop of color to your evening.

10. Betty-Calf Leather Zip Clutch w/Chain Strap, Forzieri, $94.80USD
Never heard of this brand brand before, but what does that matter... never been big on brand names anyways. I like this bag... it's really cute.

11. Snake Tassel Front Clutch Bag, Topshop, $50USD
I'm a sucker for snake details.